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Where you're going is a big island, and we will be your guides in Paradise

Michelle Tours Sri Lanka has an extensive selection of tour packages to meet each and every one of your touring needs, beginning with affordable packages that may be customized in such a way as to perfectly match your financial constraints.

Around the years, we have been giving visitors from all over the world the very best service that we can muster. Travelers from Europe, such as Italy, Germany, France, and the Czech Republic; travelers from Asia, such as China and India; and travelers from other countries, such as Australia and South Africa are just some of the many travelers with whom we’ve worked to make their vacation dreams about this stunning tropical paradise a reality.


It has been nearly 20 years since I, George M., started Michelle Tours Sri Lanka as a little travel company. Back then, it was called Michelle Tours. Because of everything that we have been through, which has only served to educate us on how to provide superior service to our customers on a daily basis, our business has been successful up to this point.

And we have never wavered from our commitment to providing the utmost in client satisfaction in all that we do. And speaking for myself, I firmly feel that this is what has driven Michelle Tours Sri Lanka up until this point, as well as what will continue to drive the company further into the foreseeable future.

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