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Over 20 Years Of Experience

About Us

Michelle Tours Sri lanka offer a vast range of tour packages to cater each one of your tour requirements starting with budget packages which can be arranged just the right way to match your budget.

Day tours to most popular sights in Sri Lanka are also operated by Michelle Tours Sri Lanka in their own particular categories as Cultural day tours, a mix of culture and nature, and also Kandy city tours which is one of the most famous day tour. Tailor-made tours organized by Michelle Tours Sri Lanka to match your exact requirements will not only satisfy your transportation needs, but will provide you wih an exclusive service right from the time you inquire us regarding your tour in Sri Lanka. Accommodation will also be arranged by us upon your request to match your exact needs..


It is now over 20 years since Michelle Tours Sri Lanka was established by me, George M. as a small tour company. As a company we’ve come thus far only because we’ve gone through so much that only left us being educated about how to serve our guests better every day. And we have never diverted from our focus of satisfying the customer to our best. And I personally believe that this is what has been driving Michelle Tours Sri Lanka up to now and also will be driving the company further in the future.


Over the years we’ve been providing our best service to guests from all over the world. Travellers from European countries such as, Italy, Germany, France, Czech Republic, travellers from Asian countries such as China and India, and also travellers from other countries such as Australia and South-Africa are some of the many travellers we’ve provided our service with, transforming their holiday dreams about this beautiful tropical paradise into a reality.



Most of our drivers are not only drivers but knows a great deal about the country.

So we always consider them as driver-guides who can provide you with information you need about Sri Lanka. Our drivers and staff are very friendly and are always willing to help you if you need during your tour.

All our staff are very well experienced in the tourism industry and some even have the ability of communicating in other languages. If you need a guide who can speak your own language, please do not hesitate to request us to provide you with one.

Also the fleet of vehicles we operate are fully insured and are personally inspected by me and maintained to international safety standards and kept in first class condition to guarantee your safety and comfort during your tour with Michelle Tours Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka being an island has so much in store for you. And Michelle Tours Sri Lanka will be your partner, elaborating the beauty of Sri Lanka as you tour this beautiful country.